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Dong Su, Born in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia in 1968, Freelance artist.​  Now live in Edmonton,AB, Canada.

Member of the Chinese Academy of national painting

Member of the Society of Canadian Artists

Member of the Hong Kong SAR Academy of painting

Member of the New York Contemporary Art Center

     For many years, he has been dedicated to the creation and research of abstract art. He has visited Europe and North America for several times. His works have participated in domestic and international art exhibitions and have been widely collected by collectors all over the world.

苏东, 1968年出生于中国内蒙古呼和浩特市,自由艺术家,现居加拿大埃德蒙顿市。
毕业于内蒙古师范大学美术系, 多年来,他一直致力于抽象艺术的创作和研究。他曾多次出访欧洲和北美。其作品多次参加国内外艺术展览,并被世界各地的收藏家广泛收藏。





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Won a first place prize in Art exhibition of Baotou City 1989.
Painted the wall paintings in Inner Mongolia Museum 2007.
Gained a Top ten artist from the Artrom Art Gallery of Italy at 2008.
Gained a Top ten artist from the Artrom Art Gallery of Italy at 2009.
The paintings showed on the Art Exhibition ‘Breakout’ at 2014,Beijing.
Won a second place winner of international fine art on-line juried competition 2014.
16 sets art works exhibited in 2012 Beijing International Art Exposition.
2 months Art Residence in Hudson Art Centro from Sep.20-Nov.20.2015.
A solo art exhibition in Mid-Hudson art centro , Poughkeepsie, NY.USA. in Nov.2015.
Contemporaries’Art,Martin Art Gallery,Muhlenberg College. Allentown,Pennsylvania, USA. Apr.2016
Four sets art works showed in NO BOUNDARIES YOUTH ART EXHIBITION in UN Headquarters, Aug,2016
15 pieces art works showed in Spectrum Miami Art Show,Dec.2016

The second "Unbounded International Youth Art Exhibition" organized by the United Nations Headquarters served as a judge.  Aug.2017

 The acrylic painting "The Meaning of Splitting #3" was selected as "Abstract Beijing - New Contemporary Abstract Art Exhibition".  Sep 2018

The work was selected to participate in the first "Great Artists Summer Exhibition 19" held in Shanghai

The work was selected to participate in the "Independent Thinking" Chinese and Western Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, New Paltz, New York.In June 2019,

The work was selected to participate in the "China (Beijing) International Abstract Art Exhibition", Beijing, China.November 2019,

In June 2020, participated in "thinking - Summer contemporary art exhibition", Zhengzhou, China.

In July 2020, he participated in the second summer artists exhibition 20, Liuzhou, China.

In October 2020, he will participate in the new concept art exhibition in Lanzhou, China.

November 2020, participate in the 4th China International Abstract Art Exhibition

In January 2021, he participated in "abstract contemporary art exhibition" in Zhengzhou, China, and his work won the excellent award.

In February 2021, art recommended the first contemporary art exhibition, and the works won the excellent award.

 View: Chinese contemporary painting art exhibition, Russian National Museum of decorative arts. May.2021

The third magic painting art exhibition, Songzhuang, Beijing.

International Juried Art Competition  FIRST PRIZE AWARD ,Jan.2022







2020年10月,参加《新概念艺术大展》 中国兰州。
2021年1月,参加《抽象当代 艺术大展》中国郑州,作品获优秀奖。




    As a full-time artist, Dong Su has worked with abstract art for more than 30 years. In the past, he mainly painted figurative subjects such as figures, landscapes, still life and so on. However, since he came into contact with abstraction, he found that this is the artistic expression to be sought in his life, and devoted all his energy and enthusiasm to the research and creation of abstract art. In more than 20 years, Dong Su has painted more than 8000 abstract works in different medium, including acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, metal and comprehensive material

     In Dong Su's artworks, he tries to explore the self reflection of life and experience, and the observation and understanding of the world to express the visual image. His focus is usually on the constituent element of symbolism to convey the original emotion and intuition. The reason why he chose to use abstract elements for artistic creation is that he got rid of the shackles brought by concrete painting in abstract modeling, could more accurately express his personal thoughts, and could fully knead rationality and sensibility.

    He believes that abstract art actually peels off the appearance of familiar things, shapes and depicts the feelings of things at the painter's personal consciousness level, and can more convey the painter's personal spiritual world. Therefore, there is usually no specific meaning in his paintings. When he is creating art, he only considers the things related to vision, such as color, shape, texture, etc., and never deliberately adds anything other than vision. The emotions in his works are brought in naturally and never deliberately, He tried to make himself graffiti like a child who can't draw. He said that although it was difficult, it would bring unexpected results. In the final analysis, his works are more direct self-expression and communication with the world.


    In his artworks, he likes to try various media and themes. It often starts with no specific subject matter about what you want to do. Most of the time, this idea is based on reality, such as architecture, nature, and even inspired by a part of his work.  Sometimes he scrapes or covers new paint on the basis of previous works, rather than simply starting over on a new canvas until the desired painting appears on the canvas. The act of scraping and adding new paint layers sometimes takes his idea to a new direction, constantly building new compositions and colors on the original picture. This process is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, resulting in a picture different from his original intention. This process itself also represents the thinking process of the artist, reveals the past and present of the work, and finally constitutes the final work.
    When he was creating abstract art works, he felt the spiritual freedom and spiritual sublimation, immersed in the beauty of abstract art, but also felt the pain of the artist before breaking through himself, constantly exploring and interpreting the mysteries of art, and constantly improving. I'm often fascinated by nature, he said.

A real artist should have the spirit of experiment and exploration. In the process of creation, Dong Su always intentionally or unintentionally denies what he has painted before, will not succumb to the aesthetic requirements of the audience and collectors, always explores and looks for newer and more unique ways of expression, and constantly explores the essence of things and the origin of art. He believes that the real contemporary art should turn objects into forms and symbols to express the spiritual world.


     Dong Su believes that there is no need for the audience to interpret his works too much, and he is unwilling to explain his works too much. What you see is what you want to see. Everyone has different experience, interest, cultural background and aesthetics, and has different feelings about the works. It is enough for the audience to see what they are excited about from his works, which is exactly what the artist wants.

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