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 About Times Art Center

    The Times Art Center is a registered arts organization located in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta province, Canada. The center is engaged in art distribution, offering various art education programs and activities, including art lectures, art exhibitions, guided tours, and workshops, with the aim of providing the public with more art knowledge and experiences. In addition, the Times Art Center Canada actively promotes artist residency programs, providing a platform for artists from around the world for creation and exchange, while also fostering international cultural exchange and collaboration. In summary, the Times Art Center Canada is a comprehensive arts institution that combines art distribution, art education, and international artist residencies, dedicated to fostering communication and development in the arts in Canada and around the world.


About Canada International Artist Residency Programs

     The residency artists include painters, sculptors, curators, writers, poets, art school faculty and students, and art enthusiasts who work or engage in art activities as their profession or part-time job and have the desire to understand and enter the international art market. The main content of the art residency program includes visiting museums, art galleries, and other art venues in cities such as Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, in Alberta province, Canada, engaging in indoor and outdoor creation, conceptual art, and landscape sketching. Participating in various art activities organized by local artists' associations and related art institutions, and exchanging with local artists to learn about and understand the art of North America, as well as gaining opportunities to showcase their talents on the international art stage.

     In Alberta province, Canada, there are several distinctive artist residency programs, among which the most prominent one is a one-month residency program. This program aims to provide artists with an environment focused on creation while promoting communication and understanding among different cultures. The residency program provides accommodation, airport transportation, as well as necessary support and resources during the residency period, allowing artists to focus on creation and research. During the residency, artists have the opportunity to explore the natural environment and cultural heritage of Alberta province, and interact with local communities and other resident artists. Such exchanges and interactions can not only promote collaboration and innovation among artists but also enhance understanding and respect among communities and cultures. The significance of the residency program lies in providing artists with a unique opportunity to explore and create in different environments, thereby stimulating creativity and innovative thinking. It also provides opportunities for artists to learn about and understand the art of North America and showcase their talents on the international art stage. At the same time, it can also promote the development and promotion of art, enhance cultural diversity and inclusiveness, and promote international cultural exchange and collaboration.

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